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Model: GZ1827
A rich, hand-painted porcelain tray according to the individual imagination of the artist Gallu. The landscape motifs of the French province are decorated with romantic floral garlands and gilded Louis XVI-style ornaments on a blue cobalt background. At the bottom, the tray is signed with the expres..
Model: GZ1830
A monumental Meissen porcelain hand-painted vase depicting a red Ming dragon. In Chinese myths, dragons symbolize beings who carry goodness, embodying celestial spirituality, and at the same time in and yang energy. At the bottom of the vase there is a factory, original mark - two blue swords crosse..
Model: GZ1841
A masterful bust of a young woman with a natural biscuit on the base "Winter", signed by Lecorney. Nicolas Lecorney (1825) - known in the 19th century. A French sculptor, valued for his special talent for conveying facial expressions. DETAILS: * Dimensions: width W-32cm., Depth D-20cm., Height H-53c..
Model: GZ1839
A sculpture of the Chinese longevity god Shao Lao. Shao Lao is depicted in traditional Chinese motifs with a cheerfully smiling beard falling to his waist and an elongated head with a raised forehead. In his hands he holds a long-lived peach and ginseng stick that blooms every three thousand years a..
Model: GZ1856
A pair of hand-painted and gilded vases in white porcelain. The asymmetrically composed floristic motifs of the drawing complement each other and create a seamless composition. DETAILS: * Dimensions: diameter-11cm., H-33cm. * Country of origin: France * Period: XX c. * Materials and performance tech..
Model: GZ1890
Rosenthal Moliere Bavaria perforated porcelain plate set. The brightness of the colors of the special quality paint, the gilding of very careful handwork, show that it is a product of the highest craftsmanship. The set was made in the factory of the famous Bavarian brand Rosenthal "Moliere" around 1..
Model: GZ2239
A vibrant and gentle sculpture by Guglielmo Pugi depicting two playing cupid, Erot and Antierot. Careful and masterful execution of details. Guglielmo Pugi (1870-1915) is a well-known Italian sculptor famous for his works inspired by the theme of Eros and the Psyche. DETAILS: * Dimensions: diameter ..
Model: GZ2347
Antique, hand-painted, Capodimonte porcelain figurines depicting the poor family, rich in color and emotional expression. Capodimonte Porcelain Manufactory was founded in 1743 in Naples, Italy. Capodimonte is famous for extremely high quality porcelain figurines and decorative porcelain flowers, whi..
Model: GZ2600
Louis XV style gilded porcelain vase decorated with embossed flower girlendas and ribbons. The vase’s oval bowl is held by a couple on a graceful porcelain pedestal sitting on cherubins. The Rococo style developed as a kind of Baroque continuation during the reign of Louis XV (1715 - 1774), and late..
Model: GZ1788
Art Deco style clean geometric design porcelain coffee and tea service. The set consists of two teas of coffee and tea, a large container for milk, a sugar bowl and three cups with plates. The dishes are made of the highest quality porcelain, decorated with gold details and garlands of blue flower b..
Model: GZ1937
A pair of pumpkin-shaped porcelain vases decorated with hand-painted asymmetrical floral floral motifs. The vases are mounted on special carved mahogany platforms, covered with lids. DETAILS: * Dimensions: diameter-12cm., H-18cm. * Country of origin: France * Period: XX * Materials and perform..
Model: GZ2271
Composition of three playful porcelain biscuit figurines "Seasons". DETAILS: * Dimensions: diameter-12 cm, height H-17 cm. * Country of origin: France * Period: XX c. Side I * Materials and performance technique: unglazed fired porcelain, glazed porcelain, gilding * Manufactory marking available...
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